20 April 2010

Iran: Behesht

Behesht on Harrow Road is a very popular restaurant with the London Iranian community. So popular that if you don't make a reservation on a Friday or Saturday night, you can find yourself at the end of a very long queue, which snakes out of the door.

Situated on a grubby part of Harrow Road on the Kensal Green-Harlesden boarder, this restaurant is a favourite of mine. I’ve been there several times for family celebrations, lured by the cheap and plentiful food which makes eating out with a large group extremely economical yet fun.

The starters and mains are served in huge portions which can easily feed two people and we have always come home with doggie bags, which have provided lunch and dinner the next day. Starters are priced around £3 per dish and mains between £6 and £10.

On our last visit 5 of us shared 3 starters: Greek salad (easily enough for a main course), Salad Oliveh (potato, egg, gherkins, sweet peas, carrot, lemon juice and mayonnaise with chicken breast) and some light and fluffy fresh baked Nan bread. For main courses we had a selection of their kebabs, the special chicken (all served with rice and grilled tomatoes) and the Khoresht Bademjan (fried aubergine, diced pieces of lamb and whole dried lime cooked in a special tomato sauce served with rice).

The rice was soft and fluffy and the meat was perfectly cooked and full of flavour, and the salads were fresh and crispy.

The restaurant itself is a double shop front and inside is divided into smaller rooms. From the main room you can see into the kitchen to watch the chefs at work. The walls are decorated with Persian rugs, pots and paintings and the whole place has a cosy family vibe.

My only grumbles are that they refuse to serve you tap water (which I believe is illegal). The waiters aren’t especially friendly but the service is brisk and efficient and to be honest, they don’t really have time to stop and chat when the place is that busy.

Address: 1084 Harrow Rd, London, NW10 5NL
Telephone: 020 8964 4477
Tube: Kensal Green (Bakerloo and North London Lines)
Bus: 18
Car: Parking can be difficult but you can park on the single yellow lines outside after 6pm

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  1. I went here for a birthday dinner last year. Huge platters of kebabs and rice! I am craving the taste of it as I type this. The service wasn't particularly good, however - a bit disorganised in setting enough space out for a large group even though we had booked in advance but they made up for it with the food and the buzzing atmosphere.



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