4 July 2010

Spain: Pinchito Tapas

Pinchito Tapas is a small independent chain of tapas bars claiming to have 'a genuine respect for the innate quality of seasonal ingredients, a true passion for the culinary arts and desire to impress our guests'.  They also boast of fine foods and amazing cocktails and so of course I was keen to find out if their claims are fact or fiction.
In Spain, the eating of tapas is normally done in bars accompanying post-work drinks during the long wait for dinner (dinner is typically served between 9 pm and 11 pm).  In the UK and North America people tend to consume their tapas as a meal in itself, selecting several tapas dishes instead of a full meal.

However, being tapas-virgins we had no idea what to order. So our extremely friendly Spanish waiter stepped in with some suggestions, including the Thursday special Roast Suckling Pig. In the end we opted for our waiter to bring us a selection of dishes, and we were mostly pleased with what we got.

Our first dish, Patatas Bravas (spiced cubes of fried potatoes) with brava and alioli sauce was lovely as was the fried bree with tomato marmalade, Pros de calamar (fried breaded squid), and the suckling pig which was soft and tender and melted off the bone.

The only dish we were disappointed with was Pa amb tomaquet which was basically some slices of bread and a kind of mashed tomato.
The shabby chic interior and the exceptional friendly staff gave this pace a warm welcoming vibe and it’s a very popular lunch time and after work venue for the staff from the nearby offices. While I’m not enough of a tapas fan to go rushing back for a meal. This is a restaurant I wouldn't mind visiting again.

Address: 32 Featherstone Street, London, EC1Y 8QX
020 7490 0121
Opening hours:
Monday to Friday: 10am till midnight Saturday: 5pm till midnight Sunday: Closed
Old Street (Northern Line and First Capital Connect)
55, 243, 205, 214
There is no car parking near by and The area is within the congestion charge zone. Text CARPARK to 80097 while you are in the area, and have the names and addresses of the two closest car parks sent to your mobile.

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