12 July 2010

UK: King Neptune

Ah, the classic British chippy. Fish and chips traditionally eaten on a Friday and still served up regularly in work canteens. It's a dying tradition and one I love so I am pleased my local fish and chip shop is still thriving when Indian food has become the nation's favourite take-away.

King Neptune is a family business and is stupidly busy on a Friday. You can eat in or take-away with your chips open or wrapped. The best thing? The chips of course! Just the way a chippy should make them - chunky, soft and covered in salt and vinegar (if that's your personal preference.)

The food here is fried in peanut oil, which is something I realised when my friend couldn't eat the chips due to his nut allergy.
My only criticism is that the sign warning customers about the peanut oil should be prominently displayed, not in the corner of the shop where the till is.

Make a stop here if you're passing through. You won't be disappointed.

Address: 131 Deans Lane, Edgware, HA8 9NY
Telephone: 020 8959 3170
Opening hours: Closed on Sundays
Tube: Edgware (Northern Line), Mill Hill Broadway (First Capital Connect)
Bus: 221, 292, 240

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1 comment:

  1. Nothing like a family run Fish and Chippy, King Neptune sounds like my kind of place. While I love the variety of cuisine you get from London restaurants and that there is something for every taste. Sometimes all I want is a quality helping of English Fish & Chips. King Neptune is at the top of my to list this weekend.



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